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German company courses in Essen - all language levels from A1 to C2

Would you like to promote your employees linguistically and support them in your communication skills? Then you are right with us.

When you are looking for new specialists, there is often an opportunity to recruit highly qualified personnel from abroad. Unfortunately, these employees often do not have sufficient knowledge of the German language. This can lead to communication difficulties with customers, misunderstandings among colleagues and additional costs. In our German company courses, these employees receive the training that they need and that is specific to the industry!

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German company courses according to your individual wishes

The structure of each company is unique, so the needs are different. There are other areas of responsibility, customer requirements, communication structures, working hours and skills. In addition, other industry knowledge is relevant depending on the company. We take these points into account when planning your company courses. You can choose the times flexibly, whether in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon or in the evening, our teachers are there for you.

In terms of content, we develop a concept for you that captures and treats your needs competently.

On request, you can also design teaching material for additional support for your employees. For this we use material from the internationally recognized telc certification. More information about telc can be found here.


German company courses at your company or with us in Essen

Our language teachers are happy to come to your company. So you and your employees don’t waste time and can concentrate fully on your business.

We do not charge a travel allowance within Essen! If your company is based outside of Essen, the travel costs are based on the current prices for public transport.

Your employees can also take the language course at the HLS Education Center in Essen.

The demands are increasing

The ever-growing markets require companies to prepare their employees for the new requirements. The German language is of outstanding importance here. Not only everyday language skills play a role, but job-related language skills have to be learned that complement everyday language and can be used effortlessly in a professional context.

Global economic relationships

Global relationships are changing and foreign markets offer new companies new opportunities and potential as well as additional business areas. The emerging markets demand that companies prepare their employees for the new requirements. Good language skills are essential here!

Linking everyday language skills in job-specific contexts is a key goal of our language teaching.

Your advantages

individually. culture-specific. result-oriented.

increased understanding

Our trainers know the cultural background of the participants, often through their own experience. Learning methods can be adapted to this background and selected for specific target groups.

high professional relevance

The courses deal with typical everyday situations so that the language can be used directly at work.

improved efficiency

Increased language usage makes conversations with customers, suppliers and employees more efficient.

absolutely success-oriented

The course is tailored precisely to the requirements of the company and takes into account the language skills of your employees.

tailored exactly to your needs

The company course is adapted in terms of time, content and didactics to your company and the industry.

immediately usable

Time saving through immediate and active speaking. The communicative learning content can be implemented directly.

German company courses - information and prices


  • maximum 10 participants
  • on your premises or at our HLS Education Center in Essen
  • individually adjustable in time
  • practice-oriented
  • the more hours you book, the cheaper it gets


  • Up to 20 lessons: 59€ per lesson 
  • 21-40 lessons: 57€ per lesson 
  • from 41 lessons: 55€ per lesson 

German company courses - our references

Are you still undecided?

You are welcome to test us in a free trial lesson! We look forward to you.

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