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HLS Education Center - language school in Essen for German and foreign languages

Welcome to the HLS Education Center, your expert on the way to learn the perfect language. We are a language school in Essen and help with all topics related to language. Our focus is German as a foreign language, which is taught in many intensive courses. We also offer English and Chinese, which is becoming increasingly important worldwide. You can also take our French, Japanese and Spanish courses. We base our teaching on the internationally proven and Europe-wide recognized methodology of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER), which divides language levels into 6 levels and records them in different areas. This means that you can start at your individual level at any time.

German courses

Learn German in Essen

Chinese courses

Learn Chinese in Essen

English courses

Learn English in Essen

French courses

Learn French in Essen

Japanese courses

Learn Japanese in Essen

Spanish courses

Learn Spanish in Essen

Learn languages online

All languages also as an online course.

Customer review

I attended some German courses beforehand and it didn't help me much. That has changed since I attended the SIMPLE SPEECH seminar at the HLS Education Center. I finally understood where my difficulties are and I am now trying to solve them. I can't speak perfectly yet, but I'm improving it more and more.
Erfolgreich Deutsch lernen. Teilnehmerin hat Deutsch gelernt an einem Deutschkurs des HLS Education Centers. Junge Frau mit langen schwarzen Haaren lacht froh und zeigt mit der linken Hand ein Peace zeichen.
Si Qi Tang
Marketing Student
I had a great time in Germany. I did my courses at the HLS Education Center from B1 to C1. Before that I was in another language school in Essen and had difficulties with grammar. This has improved with a VIP grammar course. The courses were also a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
Mann mit Sonnenbrille lächelt.
Gao Zihao
Design Student
Learning the German language was difficult. I thought I couldn't do it before I had to apply for a job. But through the C1 course at the HLS Education Center I have now made it and now I have a great job in a German car dealership.
Erfolgreich Deutsch lernen. Teilnehmerin hat Deutsch gelernt an einem Deutschkurs der HLS Education Center. Junge Frau lächelt freundlich in die Kamera.
Ma Jing
Saleswoman in a car dealership
The courses are fun and the teachers bring a happy atmosphere. I finally felt like I understood things. I was accompanied individually and professionally in my difficulties and got DSH 2. Now it's off to the university. Thanks to the HLS Education Center.
Junge Frau lächelt im HLS Education Center.
Sandra Cano
Language courses for study, work or travel
In our language courses, you not only improve your language skills for work, university, travel or school, but we go further: We want you to have the opportunity to get to know the people and way of life in the country and to learn about country-specific culture, politics, religion and history to familiarize. We can provide you with contacts and addresses in the respective target country on request.
dsh lernen essen, DSH kurs im HLS education Center

Language courses for every language level

In the HLS Education Center you will always find the language classes you are looking for. We adapt the offer to your individual wishes.
Our language courses are of course offered in all language levels. An entry is possible at any time. From beginner courses to advanced courses or expert courses. As a result, you can always be sure of finding the right language course for you.

About us

At the HLS Education Center, a language school in Essen, we have a vision that drives all of our actions:

Every student who wants to learns German is capable of learning the language!

In our language courses you will learn the German language using new methods that take into account the cultural background of each individual. Our school combines language with origin, while incorporating factors of social and cultural differences, which each individual developed through their environment when growing up.

In order to learn a language effectively and quickly, these and other criteria should be taken into account in addition to linguistics! This is exactly where our concept comes in.


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