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Eine Frau lacht selbstbewusst in die Kamera
Mrs. Hua
Senior Consultant
  • maximum 12 people per course
  • all course materials included
  • power drinks and snacks included

morning: 09:00am until 01:00pm

afternoon: 02:00pm bis 06:00pm

evening/ weekend: on demand

Course information

Levels at hls education center

course descriptions

Language course German - learn German in our levels

Prerequisite: none

The A1 German courses are designed to develop, deepen and expand your skills for active participation in everyday and working life in a German-speaking environment. The priority is everyday language and orientation in traffic, shopping, meeting new people and the workplace. The required vocabulary is developed systematically and conceptually. One focus is on practical, communicative use of language when reading, speaking and writing in class. Both receptive and reproductive language skills are taught right from the start! Grammatical structures are linked to topics of everyday language use and can be applied directly.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Express yourself appropriately in simple everyday situations
  • Use sentences and utterances that will support your everyday life
  • provide information about yourself, your family, your work area and individual preferences
  • Formulate short personal letters and emails
  • use of past tense

Prerequisite: completion of level A1 or an A1 result in the placement test.

Our A2 German courses deepen your language skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking. Reading and listening comprehension is taught through helpful topics such as culture, the world of work, body language, living environment and shopping. Personal and official letters and emails are practiced in the written area. In addition, everyday situations are taken into account and everyday conversations are learned. The grammar includes clause linkage, simple past, perfect, personal pronouns, prepositions and final subordinate clauses. 

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand and express factual information in familiar areas
  • Formulate letters, emails and short messages
  • Talk and write about the past
  • Express your own opinion in detail



  • Prerequisite: completion of level A2 or an A2 result in the placement test.

The focus of the B1 German courses is on the fast and systematic expansion of your vocabulary as well as the purposeful training of written and oral communication skills. The previously learned grammar is deepened and expanded. Increasing your vocabulary makes conversations more versatile and easier. In addition, exercises on grammar and training in writing and speaking skills will help you talk about the topics of vacation, neighbors, environment, online shopping, television and memories.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand, present and discuss facts of everyday life as well as scientific areas
  • Easily follow level B1 reading and listening texts
  • Talk about your familiar workplace
  • clearly explain your own point of view

Prerequisite: completion of level B1 or a B1 result in the placement test.

In our B2 German courses you will learn to filter and understand important content of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics and to lead your own specialty and specialist discussions. You will learn through specific exercises to speak specifically, to actively discuss and to spontaneously write written texts. The basis for this learning is formed by subject areas of culture, health and body, history, feelings and emotions, future and working language. Grammar structures are linked to these topics and language acts.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Express wishes, give recommendations and advice
  • present your current or future profession in detail
  • actively participate in discussions
  • Express yourself in the German professional world without major restrictions
  • Make calls in German
  • Write texts

Prerequisite: completion of level B2 or a B2 result in the placement test.

In the C1 German courses your language skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking will be deepened and consolidated further. You will learn to understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and be able to talk to a native German speaker without difficulty.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Spontaneously express yourself fluently, without visibly having to search for words
  • Use the language flexibly in social and professional life or in training and studies without great effort
  • Express yourself clearly, structured and in detail on more complex issues
  • Understand and work on texts about society, business, technology and science at a high level
  • Clearly explain complex issues in writing and orally
  • Understand German films, audio files and conversations and react to them with little effort
  • Understand information from audio files, films and conversations between native speakers and respond appropriately
  • Writing, understanding and analyzing texts for your studies and wo

If you are fluent in a foreign language and would like to study or work in Germany, you usually have to prove your knowledge of the language through a language certificate or a test.

In case of the German language, there is a test which certifies a language suitability for a course:

  • DSH-2 – for more information about DSH

 If you are fluent in a foreign language and would like to study or work in Germany, you usually have to prove your knowledge of the language through a language certificate or a test.

In case of the German language, there are three tests / language certificates for the course, which certify a language suitability for a course:

  • DSH-2 – for more information about DSH
  • Telc-C1 – for more information about Telc
  • TestDaF preparation – for more information about TestDaF

Quick Facts

On how our German courses work

maximum 12 people per course

In order to guarantee a good learning atmosphere, we admit a maximum of 12 people per course. This way you will always have enough time to actively practice the language in class.

german teachers

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to understand German course content correctly. For this we offer a so-called double language system. There are always teachers in the back who speak your mother tongue, to ensure that you really understand all the answers to your questions.

Learning concepts

Our teaching concepts are based on the European reference framework for the German language. Thanks to our interactive methods, the learning content is presented to you in such a way that you can understand it as quickly and as well as possible and benefit greatly from it!


We work with you to develop a concept that is tailored to your own needs. Your aims and goals are in the foreground and your previous experience is used as a starting point.


Feeling good is important to us, because then you can learn better. You can fully develop your potential and learn much more successfully if you study and learn in an environment where fun, joy and wellbeing are paramount. That is why we offer an exclusive and free range of leisure activities in addition to general classes.

The founder

Junger Mann lacht selbstbewusst.

Simon Voß

teacher and coach

Simon Voß is a coach and the initiator of the speaking seminars. In his courses and seminars you will learn how the German language becomes a normal part of your everyday life and how you can speak easily and successfully in any situation. To this end, he will not only include linguistic aspects, but he will add more learning fields to the context! You will think a lot, then speak and use German more successfully.

Xin Liu

language teacher

Xin Liu is a linguist and the designer of our German courses. In his courses and seminars you will learn the German language with a Chinese background. His courses are fun, he will answer all of your questions and will do everything he can to support you in your wish to speak better German.

Ein Mann lacht selbstbewusst in die Kamera
Eine Frau lacht selbstbewusst in die Kamera

Xiaolei Hua

language teacher and translater

Xiaolei Hua is a linguist and grammar expert, our translator and team interpreter. She will be happy to translate content that you are struggling to understand in German into Chinese. She is our expert on translating texts and preparing for university and will help you in these areas


I attended some German courses beforehand and it didn't help me much. That has changed since I attended the SIMPLE SPEECH seminar at the HLS Education Center. I finally understood where my difficulties are and I am now trying to solve them. I can't speak perfectly yet, but I'm improving more and more.
Erfolgreich Deutsch lernen. Teilnehmerin hat Deutsch gelernt an einem Deutschkurs des HLS Education Centers. Junge Frau mit langen schwarzen Haaren lacht froh und zeigt mit der linken Hand ein Peace zeichen.
Si Qi Tang
marketing student
I had a great time in Germany. I did my courses at the HLS Education Center from B1 to C1. Before that I was in another language school in Essen and had difficulties with grammar. This has improved with a VIP grammar course. The courses were also a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
Mann mit Sonnenbrille lächelt.
Gao Zihao
design student
Learning the German language was difficult. I thought I couldn't do it before I had to apply for a job. But through the C1 course at the HLS Education Center, a language school in Essen, I managed to learn the language and now I have a great job at a German car dealership.
Erfolgreich Deutsch lernen. Teilnehmerin hat Deutsch gelernt an einem Deutschkurs der HLS Education Center. Junge Frau lächelt freundlich in die Kamera.
Ma Jing
saleswoman at a car dealership
The courses are fun and the teachers create a great atmosphere. I finally felt I understood the language. I was accompanied individually and professionally in my difficulties and got DSH 2. Now I‘m off to university. Thank you, HLS Education Center!
Junge Frau lächelt im HLS Education Center.
Sandra Cano
Klicke jetzt auf einen der Deutschkurse, um dir einen Platz zu reservieren!
The A1 German courses are intended for beginners. You will learn the basics and, after successfully completing the course, you can express simple information orally and in writing.
By participating in one of our A2 German courses, you will learn more basics and practice your skills so that you can converse in familiar everyday situations after successfully completing the course.
In one of our B1 German courses you will deepen your knowledge and can easily conduct simple conversations after successfully completing it.
If you have successfully completed one of our B2 German courses, you can summarize, analyze and interpret texts and topics without much preparation time. Conversations won’t be a problem for you.
After successfully completing the C1 German course, you can use German fluently in everyday life, understand all the texts and formulate almost any text. If you successfully complete the C1 level, you can attend the DSH course.
The preparatory course for the DSH exam. A passed C1 course is a prerequisite. After passing the DSH exam, you can study at a German university *.

* insofar as you also meet all admission requirements of any participating institution required for the study

In our grammar course you will learn a deep understanding of German grammar. The teacher always addresses your individual needs and difficulties in the course. If you successfully complete the course, German grammar will be much easier for you.
In the VIP course we will process exactly what you need. Whether writing, speaking, formulating, correcting or more. Everything that fits your German level and your goals.
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