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Online courses

Would you like to learn German at flexible times and simply deal with the language at your own pace?

We offer you content to learn German, very flexible according to your time. Talk to us about this!

Would you like to take us up on our course offer, but are not on site?


You can also participate in all courses live from home !!!


1. You select a course date and register for the course.

2. You will receive all course materials via mail.

3. You take part in the course from home online.

4. We will send you all other materials via email.

5. The exam takes place at our language school in Essen.


• stable internet connection
• Laptop / PC or a mobile phone with camera and sound

Laptop, Kaffeetasse und Papier liegt auf einem Tisch zur Korrektur von Bachelor oder Masterarbeiten.

Quick Facts

On how our German courses work

maximum 12 people per course

In order to guarantee a good learning atmosphere, we admit a maximum of 12 people per course. This way you will always have enough time to actively practice the language in class.

german teachers

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to understand German course content correctly. For this we offer a so-called double language system. There are always teachers in the back who speak your mother tongue, to ensure that you really understand all the answers to your questions.

Learning concepts

Our teaching concepts are based on the European reference framework for the German language. Thanks to our interactive methods, the learning content is presented to you in such a way that you can understand it as quickly and as well as possible and benefit greatly from it!


We work with you to develop a concept that is tailored to your own needs. Your aims and goals are in the foreground and your previous experience is used as a starting point.


Feeling good is important to us, because then you can learn better. You can fully develop your potential and learn much more successfully if you study and learn in an environment where fun, joy and wellbeing are paramount. That is why we offer an exclusive and free range of leisure activities in addition to general classes.

our courses

The A1 German courses are intended for beginners. You will learn the basics and, after successfully completing the course, you can express simple information orally and in writing.
By participating in one of our A2 German courses, you will learn more basics and practice your skills so that you can converse in familiar everyday situations after successfully completing the course.
In one of our B1 German courses you will deepen your knowledge and can easily conduct simple conversations after successfully completing it.
If you have successfully completed one of our B2 German courses, you can summarize, analyze and interpret texts and topics without much preparation time. Conversations won’t be a problem for you.
After successfully completing the C1 German course, you can use German fluently in everyday life, understand all the texts and formulate almost any text. If you successfully complete the C1 level, you can attend the DSH course.
The preparatory course for the DSH exam. A passed C1 course is a prerequisite. After passing the DSH exam, you can study at a German university *.

* insofar as you also meet all admission requirements of any participating institution required for the study

In our grammar course you will learn a deep understanding of German grammar. The teacher always addresses your individual needs and difficulties in the course. If you successfully complete the course, German grammar will be much easier for you.
In the VIP course we will process exactly what you need. Whether writing, speaking, formulating, correcting or more. Everything that fits your German level and your goals.


learn german online

Kurs auswählen A1 599€
A2 649€
B1 649€
B2 649€
C1 649€
Grammatikkurs 199€
DSH 199€
Sprechkurs 349€
zusätzliche Leistungenkostenlos Getränkeflatrate statt 20€ pro Monat!jetzt persönliche Sprachanalyse nur im Wert von 79€ statt 99€!
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