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dsh preparation course for dsh exam

DSH preparation course


50 lessons

max. 12 persons per course

included learning material

free drinks and snacks

individual lesson design according to your needs

Native speakers on site for questions

Learning platform even after the course

personal contact person on site

your advantages

You learn all of the learning content from us with an exclusive concept! In the DSH preparation course you will be ideally prepared for the DSH exam.

You will feel comfortable. We attach great importance to your personal well-being! We create a harmonious and good learning atmosphere so that you can fully develop your potential. It will then be easier for you to understand the learning content, motivate you and encourage participation.

We offer you a large portfolio of language-related leisure activities. You can practice your language skills directly, get immediate feedback from your teacher and can develop quickly in a natural environment.

You need help? We are ready for any kind of question and will help you solve your problems. Whether for a visa, doctor’s visit, everyday life, studying, looking for a job, applications and much more. We will help you!

All teachers have a lot of experience in teaching language skills. Above all, they make sure that you also use them.


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I attended some German courses beforehand and it didn't help me much. That has changed since I attended the SIMPLE SPEECH seminar at the HLS Education Center. I finally understood where my difficulties are and I am now trying to solve them. I can't speak perfectly yet, but I'm improving more and more.
Erfolgreich Deutsch lernen. Teilnehmerin hat Deutsch gelernt an einem Deutschkurs des HLS Education Centers. Junge Frau mit langen schwarzen Haaren lacht froh und zeigt mit der linken Hand ein Peace zeichen.
Si Qi Tang
marketing student
I had a great time in Germany. I did my courses at the HLS Education Center from B1 to C1. Before that I was in another language school in Essen and had difficulties with grammar. This has improved with a VIP grammar course. The courses were also a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
Mann mit Sonnenbrille lächelt.
Gao Zihao
design student
Learning the German language was difficult. I thought I couldn't do it before I had to apply for a job. But through the C1 course at the HLS Education Center, a language school in Essen, I managed to learn the language and now I have a great job at a German car dealership.
Erfolgreich Deutsch lernen. Teilnehmerin hat Deutsch gelernt an einem Deutschkurs der HLS Education Center. Junge Frau lächelt freundlich in die Kamera.
Ma Jing
Saleswoman at a car dealership
The courses are fun and the teachers create a great atmosphere. I finally felt I understood the language. I was accompanied individually and professionally in my difficulties and got DSH 2. Now I‘m off to university. Thank you, HLS Education Center!
Junge Frau lächelt im HLS Education Center.
Sandra Cano


How you learn in our DSH preparation

maximum 12 people per course

In order to guarantee a good learning atmosphere, we admit a maximum of 12 people per course. This way you will always have enough time to actively practice the language in class.

german teachers

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to understand German course content correctly. For this we offer a so-called double language system. There are always teachers in the back who speak your mother tongue, to ensure that you really understand all the answers to your questions.

Learning concepts

Our teaching concepts are based on the European reference framework for the German language. Thanks to our interactive methods, the learning content is presented to you in such a way that you can understand it as quickly and as well as possible and benefit greatly from it!


We work with you to develop a concept that is tailored to your own needs. Your aims and goals are in the foreground and your previous experience is used as a starting point.


Feeling good is important to us, because then you can learn better. You can fully develop your potential and learn much more successfully if you study and learn in an environment where fun, joy and wellbeing are paramount. That is why we offer an exclusive and free range of leisure activities in addition to general classes.

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